Carmel Hill / University of Louisiana at Monroe Intern Program

The Carmel Hill Fund and the University of Louisiana at Monroe began their partnership in the fall of 2007. The mission of this partnership is to provide hands on experiences for education majors as well as the opportunity to discover the intricacies of each school setting and to enrich the educational road traveled by these young students. The intern, with the guidance of the librarian and classroom teacher, helps with the implementation of the Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math programs in the capacity needed at the individual school site. Interns also assist students with integrating and utilizing technology to further enhance the effectiveness of these programs.


One of the greatest aspects of this internship is the flexibility each intern has to design his/her own goals and techniques. Each intern will have constant support throughout the semester, but the day by day routines they develop and achievements they experience will be their own successes.


It is wonderful experience not only for the students of Monroe City Schools, but an excellent opportunity for the college students to gain hands-on knowledge of different schools settings, grade levels, and core content areas. It is our hope that we are building lasting relationships between the interns, students, and school staff members that can and have produced employment in our school system.